Managed Care Consultancy

Consultancy Services

Managed Care and IT Consultancy Services

Our managed care consulting team has over 10 years of experience assisting Medical Clinics, MSO/IPA groups and Accountable Care Organizations for a wide range of specialty services to address their clinical and business challenges. Our services spectrum includes improvement of MRA/MLR scores, HEDIS and GPRO measures, identification of care gaps, identifying high risk patients, medical billing and coding and care coordination workflows.

Couples with our top of the line IT analytics products quipped with advanced clinical capabilities, our consulting team provides customized services to better manage the patient care process

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis and Project Management teams have over 20 years of experience working with mid-large enterprise projects with government agencies and corporate sectors in diverse industry verticals.

Business Analysis is the process of identifying business and potential user needs and determining solutions to these problems. This process is the first and most important in the software developmentand results in the vision, software requirements specification and business/user workflows. The better and more precisely this process is carried out, the greater the chances will be that implemented software will meet the client and user expectations and needs. Our BA and Project Management teams will deliver nothing less to you for your unique projects!

Software Architecture

Software Architecture design and specification is the next step in the software development process and it determines the structure, software elements/modules and relations among them, technologies, tools, approaches, user interface and APIs of the future software based on the software requirements. Software Architecture definition is an important part of the development whether our development team uses waterfall, iterative or agile development methodologies.